Toshi Shinohara

The spirit of a place

If it glances at the landscape photography of the street in which people are not present in the midnight when he turns a lens, an eye will be taken from it by the beauty of the form and color. However, also from classifying and exhibiting  three corner in Venice, Burano, Murano. It is not looking  as mere beautiful scenery, and it shows the depth of the concern about his “place.” The big prints work has the rich information on the detail. If we changing the place in which our stand in front of a picture. We have a freedom which tastes the  close-up the another details. The view of the street  people are not present is felt for a thin result of a touch of reality, so that it also associates being compared with artificial lighting with the set or miniature of a movie conjointly. If we changed to details, it turns out that the trace of business of various people is minced. From the wrinkles of the curtain which was not closed only one well, the poster stuck easily, etc., we extend the wings of a fancy and feel the small drama which dwells into scenery. The deposition is city history and it cannot be for anew not feeling that it is maturing of urban space. The unique trial of Mino Di Vita is a fine work which feels a response very much for those who know the joy which reads a photograph, and I believe that it is greatly welcomed here also in Tokyo. [japanese]